Boost Your Deadlift Strength with Bands & 3 Top Tips!

Learn how to do banded deadlifts for a stronger lockout and watch Russell Orhii’s heavy deadlift before Nationals for inspiration.

To strengthen your deadlift lockout, try a banded deadlift. In this newsletter, I share some tips, and you can read our full article. 

We also asked for reader feedback and deadlift was the most requested topic, so I share my top 3 tips below. 

Check out the top reads this week and some trending news, such as Russell Orhii’s final heavy deadlift before nationals this weekend! 

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Banded Deadlifts: How-To & Common Mistakes

Adding band resistance to a barbell deadlift can help you accelerate the barbell at the mid and top of the lift and help strengthen your lockout.

However, many lifters must use the right stance and tension to maximize their gains. 

That’s why we put together this guide and discussed avoiding the common injuries and pitfalls of using bands for the deadlift.

Read more to learn about the band-resisted deadlift today, and then start using this movement in your program!

Top Reads of the Week

3 Tips for a Better Deadlift

Calisthenics Deadlift GIF by Home and Gym

Are you struggling to master the deadlift? This lift can be frustrating to grow into, but thankfully, I have some key tips for taking it to the next level.

  1. Struggle off the floor? Perform deficit deadlifts: Deficit deadlifts are an exercise in which you stand on a 1-4 inch platform and pull the barbell with a disadvantage. By doing deficit deadlifts, you learn to be stronger below your starting position, which makes you stronger during a normal deadlift. 

    Pro Tip: I suggest doing deficit deadlifts for 4-6 weeks and performing them for strength and speed.

  2. Struggle in the middle of your lift? Start using bands: Bands are a huge asset to any powerlifter. Using bands allows you to exponentially increase the weight on the bar as the range of motion increases. So, resistance doesn’t weigh as much off the floor as near the top of the lift. Then, during the bottom and top of the lift, you add resistance, which can help you fight stronger during the middle of your lift. 

  3. Struggle with lockout? Perform isometrics against the pins: A top exercise that few talk about is the isometric exercise in programming. For a powerlifter, the isometric exercise against pins teaches lifters to perform against the motionless pins and to learn to fight in a specific range of motion. Doing this will strengthen you in the specific position you are trying to grow in your performance, especially at lockout.

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