🏋️‍♂️ 22 Exercises to Improve Squat Depth

In this newsletter, we’ll cover exercises that really make a difference when it comes to improving your squat depth.

Hey Powerlifters,

In this newsletter, we’ll cover exercises that really make a difference when it comes to improving your squat depth.

You may find some exercises work better for you than others, depending on what factor(s) specifically limit your depth.

Tip: Start recording your squat from a side angle. That way, you can assess your current starting point and see your progress over time and which exercises work for you.

Why Is Your Squat Depth Lacking?

While poor squat depth is multifaceted, the two main reasons for having trouble hitting depth are poor mobility and/or a lack of strength at the bottom of the squat.

1. You Don’t Have the Mobility to Squat Deeper: The underlying cause of poor squat depth in beginners is often a lack of time spent squatting, which means a restriction in the range of motion of the ankles, knees, and hips.

For example, if your ankles are immobile, your heels might rise as you descend deeper into the squat.

This is why some people squat with plates under their heels, though it only masks their inability to get lower.

2. You Don’t Have the Strength to Squat Deeper: Are you able to squat to depth fine with an empty barbell but then barely hit parallel as soon as the weight starts getting heavier?

Your quads, hips, and core may not have the strength required to hold the load in a fully squatted position, even if you have the mobility to achieve the position.

For you, selecting exercises that focus on knee extensor strength and squat movement patterns may be the most beneficial.

Ankle and Calf Mobility Exercises To Improve Your Squat Depth & Mobility

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Try any or all of the following exercises if you have tight ankles. This will especially be the case for anyone who has ever fractured or injured their foot or ankle in the past.

Core Exercises To Improve Your Squat Depth & Mobility

The following core exercises can be helpful for those with hip positioning issues related to anterior pelvic tilt or the arching of your back during squats.

Hip Mobility Exercises To Improve Your Squat Depth & Mobility

Hip mobility exercises are great for those who are generally sedentary outside of the gym and find even doing a bodyweight squat to below parallel difficult.

Explore the full article to discover additional exercises, including glute activation exercises, knee extension exercises, and various squat variations.
Watch the videos for all of these exercises.

To conclude, struggling with squat depth is fairly common, especially with beginners. But it can even be a weakness for many avid gym-goers and intermediates.

And while there are other ways to help you squat deeper, such as adjusting your stance or getting squat shoes, adding any of the exercises and drills mentioned above into your routine is sure to help you along the way and ensure your depth is never up for debate.

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