How Many People Can Bench 225?

Bench pressing 225 pounds or “2 plates” is a huge milestone.

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Bench pressing 225 pounds or “2 plates” is a huge milestone for lifters and exercise enthusiasts. 

So, how many people can bench 225?

Approximately 1.3 million Americans can bench press 225 lbs, or about 0.4% of the population.

  • Untrained and novice male lifters of any weight will never bench 225 lbs. 

  • Intermediate male lifters who weigh 220 lbs and above can bench 225 lbs. 

  • Advanced male lifters who weigh 148 lbs and above can bench 225 lbs. 

  • Elite male lifters who are 114 lbs and above should be able to bench 225 lbs. 

  • Only elite female lifters who are 199 lbs and above should be able to bench 225 lbs. 

Check out the full article, too.

So What About Americans?

How many Americans can bench 225 pounds? Here’s my math.

USA Population


Americans Who Hold An Active Gym Membership


Active Members Who Visit Gym At Least 2x/Week


Gyms Typically Lose 50% Of Members Within The First 6 Months


How Many Americans Can Bench Press 225 Pounds?


I cover this in much more detail in my article.

Did You Know?

And there’s a reason my team cares so much about bench press. It helps:

  • Increase bone mineral density

  • Increases joint strength

  • Increase muscle size of your upper body

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