Three Exercises to Increase Your Deadlift

Deficit deadlifts, block pulls, and farmer walks can revolutionize your technique.

In our recent poll, readers said they want to increase deadlift. So let’s get into the details. Below, we’ll share three exercises that will increase your deadlift.

We’ll also answer a reader question: How do I get more power off the ground? And we’ll share a program made especially to solve the issue.

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Three Exercises to Increase Deadlift Strength

To improve your deadlift, it's important to promote variation lifts of the deadlift that will provide a more challenging stimulus for improving your strength! Here are three exercises tailored to enhance different aspects of your deadlift game:

  • Deficit Deadlift

  • Block Pull

  • Farmer Walk

Here’s a breakdown for each.

Deficit Deadlift

This exercise is great for those who initially struggle to pull the weight off the floor. It involves standing on a raised platform, increasing the range of motion of this lift.

This exercise enhances the strength off the floor and strengthens the lower back for better overall deadlift performance.

Block Pull

This exercise is great for those with postural weaknesses or lower back issues. It allows you to maintain an upright position, reducing strain on the lower back so you can deadlift without issue.

Many compare the block pull to the rack pull. However, block pulls prevent the bar from bending on pins, providing a more natural lifting experience that will translate better to your deadlift.

Farmer Walk

Often overlooked by powerlifters, the farmer walk offers a unique challenge that can translate into significant deadlift improvements. This exercise demands exceptional grip, upper back, and hip strength while also introducing a novel stimulus to provoke muscle growth and overall strength gains.

Don’t believe me? World-record powerlifters like John Haack use farmer walks and strongman lifts to improve their barbell strength and dominate the platform.

Embracing new challenges and stimuli can lead to remarkable growth and success in your deadlift journey.

Make sure to challenge yourself and try one of these movements above, to see how it affects your next deadlifting session to make you a better lifter!

Deadlift Programs

There are many ways to train deadlift, and many of them provide strong results. We evaluate programs based on the principles of strength and development specific to different stages of your lifting career. 

Remember: these programs are not a catch-all or magic bullet. You may have a preferred training split (how you break up your lifts and workouts each week) or frequency, you may prefer more training days with fewer rest days, or you may prefer fewer training days with more rest days.

We’re writing today’s newsletter on deadlift technique because that’s what you asked for. If you’re finding it helpful, please share it!

Reader Question: How do I get more power off the ground?

“If you're weak off the floor in the deadlift it means that your knee extensors (quads) are lacking strength.

As such, you should implement exercises that increase the loading demand on your quads, including low pause deadlifts, deficit deadlifts, and front squats.“

Avi wrote a whole article on this subject. Here’s seven tips to help you improve power off the ground.

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