Deficit Deadlifts & Conquering Elbow Pain

Explore an unvalued deadlift variation and celebrate a high schooler's incredible 900-pound squat achievement.

In this newsletter, you’ll find the top 5 benefits to using the deficit deadlift for improving your deadlift! 

We will also give you insight on how to prepare for your first powerlifting meet with our top PLT course, First Time Powerlifter, by top coach Avi Silverberg.

Finally, read on for tips on getting rid of that nagging elbow pain you might be experiencing in the elbows!

5 Benefits of Deficit Deadlifts: How-To & Tips

The deadlift is one of the most superior barbell movements to put into your program. It provides some of the biggest benefits to the human body, regardless if you are looking to get bigger or stronger. 

The deadlift is also one of the toughest movements to master in the gym. So how do we improve our ability to deadlift more weight? Let me introduce to you one of the best deadlift variations for growth: the deficit deadlift

We have created a list of the 5 benefits of using the deficit deadlift for improving strength. In this article, we will discuss these benefits in depth, as well as how to incorporate the deficit deadlift into your current program.  

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Top Reads of the Week

Getting Elbow Pain From Lifting?

As a coach, I frequently encounter athletes experiencing elbow pain, particularly during heavy lifting sessions, including the bench press or squat. Below, I'll share three effective tips to alleviate and prevent elbow pain in your lifting routine.

  • Too much low bar squatting: The low bar squat places significant pressure on the inside of the elbow joint, often resulting in discomfort or pain. One solution to mitigate this issue is incorporating specialty bars like the Yukon or Safety Squat Bar (SSB) into your training regimen. These bars alter the weight distribution and positioning, relieving strain on the elbows while allowing for effective squatting. Read more about where to place the bar when squatting in my full post. 

  • Stop heavy benching after squat day: Following a heavy squat session with intense bench pressing can increase elbow pain due to accumulated stress on the joint. To address this, consider alternating the intensity of your lifts throughout the week. For instance, vary the load or focus on accessory exercises on bench days following intense squat sessions. This approach helps to manage overall joint stress and reduce the likelihood of elbow discomfort.

  • Changing your grip in training: Elbow pain may also stem from repetitive stress caused by consistently using the same grip during training. Experimenting with different grip variations, such as switching between pronated, neutral, and supinated grips, can distribute stress more evenly across the elbow joint and surrounding muscles. Additionally, incorporating grip variations can enhance overall muscle balance and strength, reducing the risk of overuse injuries. Here are some grip options for bench press

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